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March, 19th, 2018

Teran 2017.

At our vinery we cultivate and cherish the traditional types of wine indigenous to our geographical region. That is why we added the red wine Teran to our winery.

At the end of September the harvest began. After destemming-chrusing mistelles was macerated. To reduce the characteristicall higher level of acids, our teran went through alcoholic and malolactic fermentation.

The result is a young teran of lively purple colors and with a smell that brings berry fruits to mind. Its taste is fresh and full, with soft and gentle tanins.

Visit us and try the In Sylvis Teran, a wine with light fruity aromas that proves that red wines can be enjoyed even in the warmer season which is upon us.

Lara and Marko
October, 7th, 2017

Arbor malvasia 2016.

In October 2017 we added a new, special wine to our list, the In Sylvis Arbor.

This harmonoious variety of Istrian malvasia belongs to the harvest of 2016. It has fermented in stainless stell tanks under controlled conditions, with the adition of an autochthonous yeast of Istrian Malvasia selected from grape Malvasia from the Istrian peninsula. After fermentation, this wine had aged for a year in oak barrels, which is why we it it's name is Arbor (lat.drvo). "Oaked" wines require patience, but they are truly worthwhile: the time spent in barrels gave our Arbor Malvasia wooden notes of vanilla and hazelnuts that did not cover the varietal aromas of the Malvazia Istrian.


The refreshing floar anad vanilla flavors and full longlasting taste of In Sylvis Arbor will pair perfectly with your favorite meat dish.

Lara and Marko

24. Wine Exhibition in Gračišće

April, 19th, 2017

On Easter Monday, April 17th 2017, the Wine Exhibition took place in little Istrian town, Gračišće. Numerous visitors used a non-working day and visited this traditional and widely-known exhibition.


In 17 wine taverns visitors could taste 252 wines, and from 11 am to 7 pm about 5,000 bottles went east. In the tavern Potok visitors could taste our prizewinning Malvazija Istrian In Sylvis. On the 24th Wine Exhibition in Gračišće, among 252 other samples that were evaluated by experts, our malvasia In Sylvis got 84.33 points and was rewarded with gold medal.

Lara and Marko

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